Sewing, washing crystal and putting things aways

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. Anne Rice

I know for a fact that I will have two or three really good days coming up. I HAVE TO, since my house looks like it have been turned upside down and shaken. At one point, I too out all the various bits and stacked them where they were intended to for. That didn’t;t get me so far. then I spend tome time sweeping and mopping until I really tired of that, so I got all the dirt and flotsam and jetsam onto the staircase and used a hose to spray it all down to  the curb on one of the curb cleaning days. Here, they clean the curbs with a bit water machine every day. Makes for a clean town and save me from picking up dog hair. Another thing that they do is PICK UP YOUR LEAVES. Rack them in gigantic piles, rake them in o bigger  piles in the gutter and the curb cleaner machine comes by EVERY DAY and sweeps them away. I think they turn them up into compost but I could be wrong about that. The sheer joy of watching this behemoth of a machine make the leaves disappear it almost more than I can wrap my brain around..


Oh, my.. I have the fabric all ripped to pieces (the original sewing part was so far beyond acceptability we shall not speak of them again, Ever.) I that this great idea  of the non poofy bedspread that will be just proofy enough..which is to say almost not at all. It various pieces of the spread that I;have make up in my brain will be that all over quilted and be FLAT. I will had a quilted part the hangs down (commonly called the SIDE of the bed and two layers of dust ruffles, usually called some word like inanity because they  always attract dirt and are impossible to but back on in any way that resembles any picture of a bed with dust ruffles. There is a ruched chuck with coordinating piping and then of course the giant pillow shams that no one on the pain of death can put their heads on. I stuffed them with tissue papers and popping plastic to make them unattractive to lay down on but very pretty to look at.\

The made to order pull down black out shades are here and should go up in the next day or dew. I have HUZZAH! more than enough fabric to make a valance on all three windows and when the delicately striped ivory and pink  shows up, I will have jabots to dangle down the sides of the curtains and under the jabots. It is all very complicated. The the next brainless job I need to do is clean the floor, rearranged the dresser drawer  to hold underwear and flipperies  and toss out stuff that is too ratty to  use as rags.

Then it is on to the kitchen. 45 minutes tops. Just a pull up Austrian drape with three suspended glass slevers to give me something to grown and kill.

The library is going to be a LOT harder because it’s going to have a LOT more pieces. Shades, drapes, valance and jabots, tie backs and ll of it will have me crawling up and down the ladder 90 times a day. But once it its done, it will be pretty fabuloso, if I do say so myself.

They have have both bathroom, the utility room, Ben’s room to do and I’m done. If my head cooperates. But I am going to pretend that it is fine, because I have a lot of stuff to do. Not the least of which is losing 40 pounds.

That will probably be the worst of it all, even stepping one pins.


3 thoughts on “Sewing, washing crystal and putting things aways

  1. I will settle for just getting #2 son to help clean up some of the mess he has created out of my attic hide out, he could create disaster out of the cleanest home and mine is far from that

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