I think Cluster headaches is the epic fail of the century

They can’t find where it possibly might be. There is no cure. It’s some bad piece of DNA because pretty much my entire family has it but I’m the big cry baby. There is nothing close to a cure. The best that can be done is find sometime that has a side affect that perhaps might help. There is a powdered drink my neuro take that takes like a cross between tiger piss and unsugared Koolaide. (My mother used to send us out with a gallon Mason jars of unflavored Koolaid to my Da out in the field when he was doing tractor work and OOOO that stuff was nasty.I think she did it to get us out of the house.

)This is what it is like. Ever get kicked in the head by a donkey with a a fillet fish hook attracted to his hoof. Ever get awakened with the business end of a bat right in your eye socket? ? Sort of like that. All day every day. How about having a peach knife  jammed into your eye socket? My personal favorite, a hot cotton picker spindle jammed as far into my eyeball as possible with all those little burrs rotating as fast as they can.

My favorite is waking up screaming like a banshee . Doesn’t help but at least it makes me feel like I’m done something.

No cure. Lasts a life time.

You won’t die from it, you’ll just die with it it.

I’VE GONE THRU EVERY ABORTIVE AND DAILY MEDICATIONS FOR THE LAST 9 YEARS. NO HELP.I CALL FOUL SINCE SURELY TO GOD THERE HAS GOT TO BE A CURE OR AT LEAST A TEENY BIT of HELP that lets me function….as in wash the dishes, make my bed, read a book ONCE. (I read them over and over because I can’t remember them. I manage to get the housework done in little bits and boy does THAT make me feel useless.

I’ve been going in DAILY (at $50 a pop) go in now weekly for a shot  of Demerol shot and weekly for occipital block. Eventually the doctor will find the right spot. It is an eensy little area in my occipital lobe and if he get its it, I’ll Know it, Doess it hurt? You betcha. Sends me right into  space.  Takes a couple of days to kick in….which is when I decide to scream like a banshee on crack or just scream. Doesn’t help. Just makes me feel better. So if you see some white haired woman screaming her head off, that’s me.

But for sure, I’m not going to go in every day for a #50 shot. Those suckers HURT. Like wasps. The shot doesn’t hurt, it’s the injection stuff. WOW. That hurts.

I think I’ll just suck it up and maybe let it up and just up and die. That sounds like the best of all the choices.I cannot tell you the amount of agony this includes…unless you’ve watched the movie Halloween.All the running and screaming? Doesn’t touch it.

Add don’t correct my spelling.

I’m not in the mood.


One thought on “I think Cluster headaches is the epic fail of the century

  1. I love you! I wish I could make the pain go away FOR GOOD. I can’t but know that I am hear in spirit for you and also praying he finds the RIGHT spot and it disappears. Maybe a shot a week until it is found? I don’t know WHAT advice to give you other than keep breathing, keep corresponding and SLOW DOWN maybe?
    Love you dearly, sis!

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