Trying a new fix for my headaches

I get up when Mike gets up. Today it was 0330. Wow, is THAT early. But no headache until 0535. Maybe I should stay up all night.

Today my chore is to put all the laundry away, Make the bed and clean off the dressers and the oil all the wood in bedroom. There’s a lot.Figure out out to make the TV work. We got a flat screen about six months ago and other than turning it on to see if it works, we haven”t used it. I hate the way it looks on top of the mantel…too many wires. And it is too small for the space. So Mike is going to have to built it out and put a hearth and then put the TV up on the wall so the electronics will fit. I hate looking at those darn wires spronging all over.

Oh, instead of doing housework, I’m filing. Oh boy. Just what I wanted to do. Filing is such a time suck. You get it all done and it fits in a bnk box and looks as if you did absolutely nothing….and you still have all the housework on the list to do or you look like a slacker. Oh, I’m supposed to look for a missing and unpaind bill, too. Where might it be? Who knows. Somewhere. I’m supposed to find his sunglasses, too. And call the 24/7 pharmacy. And go to the clinic and figure out if I can manage with a $15 shot and not a $50 shot and maybe some of that powered drink stuff and some kind of pills. At this point, I really am ready for cyanide. There are other migrainers at my clinic and several of them are REALLY in pain. A couple of them out for some attention. Me? I have an incredible high threshold (I stepped on a nail, shoved it clear thru my foot and yanked it out. I accidentally shot a nail thru my hand with a automatic nail gun, got some clippers, took out the little flat part and yanked that out and poured some Clorox in it. Man, did that sting!)  I’ve been kicked, squashed, mashed, stepped on and anything other think a donkey, cow, mule or horse took it in their heads to do and other than slowing me down, I don’t remember it HURTING as much as slowing the work down. It seems as if the front end bites, the back end kicks and the middle either bucks or tries to squash you. And that is the story of farming. Besides weeding, irrigating, harvesting. fixing something that is always breaking and then searching for nails that my Da would draw circles around. Why would he waste his time picking them up when he had a perfectly serviceable child who was so much closer the ground to pick them up. And he’s count how many he’d circle and if you came up short, you’d go out and look for the missing ones.

Farm life sucks. It’s hot, it’s hard, it will totally wear you out, and if you don;t have enough to worry about, something horrible will pop up either with the weather, the crops, the livestock or somebodies health.Maybe you’ll get run over by a tractor.(Happens more often than you think)

I really think the pioneer women who died in childbirth got the easy end of the deal.

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