YouHoo! Headache here!

My doctor is SO funny. Both of them are. I have no reflexes so they are banging on my knees trying to get  something at least resembling equal. Fat chance. I have crappy but equally crappy reflexes.Then they shine a mega white light in my eyes that can be seen from the moon. I could tell them I’m not having a stroke because I can count backwords. Well, backwordss to 96 but that is still backwards. It’s always the same. Cluster headaches. They both threat my husband and me and since I can’t srive after a shot my husband always says he thinks what I need is more sex. Yuck a doodle do.  I need more six like I need more ringworm.

Men. Morons. All of them.

What I need is two vials od Diladid stuck in my carodid artery.  That would fix me up. The sad thing is that nothing is going to fix this. It’s a DNA thing that runs in y family and we all have it…except Lisi. She has the temperament of two bull goats.

Quarter to eight.I can feel the headache coming. First my k=skin turns gray (highly atrsvive.)  Then I start thrown up and crying. As=nd then my head starts t sqeek on the inside. I am a mess.

Can you imagine this going on every day since 2003? Betchcha  can’tI. t’s happening to me and I can hardly imagine it. Actually, it started in October 1978  and that is a long dam time. I went for years without a headache, Of course the ones I got were called “thunderclaps” which is the absolute worse kind of headache you can imagine. And if you can imagine waking up by being whacked on the business end of a bat. THAT’S my life. And my shots? $44 a pop. And that’s WITH insurance.

Oh, well. I’ll never go to hell no matter what I’ve done. My two former husbands plus living in the Central Valley (113 today)…..that pretty well covers any scary stuff Hell holds for me.



Rusty nases jamed in my eyeball. Even worse.


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