Going thru ALL the digital photos…what a mistake that was

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them. Jeff Jarvis

It’s sort of fun to see my kids grow up. And it’s fun to see where all we’ve been and wonder why I keep taking pictures of miles and miles and miles of desert.

What is not fun is to see that I need to burn most of my clothes. Lord have mercy! I have managed to avoid wearing makeup for most of my life. And since I
retired from the prison (which was dowdytown, as far as dressing up/wearing even lipstick or perfume because you do not want to know what the inmates really are thinking), I’ve either been crying with a headache, sitting in a hospital or working on the house….so it really doesn’t matter what I wear because there is going to be paint on it pretty soon. Or blood. Or both.

So with my white hair and my pathetic white skin, I look like a piece of typing paper. Imagine Paula Deen with morning hair, no makeup, no tan and in her nightgown. Like that. Except it’s me.

So I am cleansing my closet and setting that stuff on fire. All the prison clothes? On fire. All my white tees? On fire. The jeans that don’t fit? Into the flames.  I am just one big fashion don’t walking around loose. So if you don’t see me, it’s because I can’t leave the house without makeup on. And if it looks like we aren’t home because the lights are off?  We probably are. I just changed out all the bulbs to 2 watt ones so I don’t have to look at myself.

**When we started work on this place, Mike had a giant mirror he had plans to put on the wall over our big jacuzzi tub in our bathroom. I was less that happy with the idea. WAY less. At 21 maybe. At 59, not at all. So when it came time to glue that giant mirror up on the wall, Mike saw the light, hallelujah. We had a little come-to-Jesus talk and there is no mirror over the tub.

***I worked in the prison system for many years. My daughter has worked in the prison system her entire adult life. So we have a skewed idea of what is interesting and funny. So here is a prison joke. Changed my mind. Too offensive. But REALLY funny. But once I cleaned it up, this is what it looked like. “Do……………………………….did it.” Not so funny.  But there are a lot of funny things that you see, just walking and gawking around.  So there is appropriate dinner conversation when it is just us and then there is like an entire different language we speak if A is over, because he has a normal job.




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