Painted the veranda floor yellow

The dogs really like it…because the very first thing they did when we opened the door was to rush out to see what we had been doing and then run back into the house because DAMN! It was 113 out there. Tank immediately realized something was up because his footprints led to his hiding place under the dining room table. Rocket didn’t realize she had been outside and her footprints just sort of wandered off to her food dish. Jack though? Oh, BOY! Wow! He went all over looking for everybody to show them the color of the new porch.  I scrubbed them up and listened to Mike complain about my pack of dogs. He had a dog when we got married but that was a rarity. He’s not really an animal person. Our dogs are getting older and Ben and I are talking about what kind of dogs (2) we will get when we are done to zero dogs. Or maybe two kittens. We like cats and we could play kitten bowling with them.

So Mike tells me one night “I don’t like cats.” Okay. We’ll get two puppies. I personally like cockapoos and Maltese. (We are talking about getting these dogs in the next 5-7 YEARS). “I really don’t like dogs, either.”  Really. “Yeah. My mother didn’t really like animals either.”

Well you know what I don”t like?

People who use MY sink to clean their paint brushes. And people who smoke. And people who can’t gain weight.  And people who can eat pancakes every effing day of the week and ice cream and cookies and in a week have gained about an ounce.

SO tomorrow , I have two young dudes who are going to move the really heavy stuff around on the porch. They are all tatted up and I’m cranking up Sheryl Crowe and Linda Ronstadt. It will be  a party. They have been painting the back of the building white for a big mural and then next week, after the moving party, they’re going to paint the alley side of the building. Our building is made of local  Hanford bricks which are softer than real bricks, so to keep the new mortar and the bricks together, we’re painting it and then putting in some murals. I learned how to re-point bricks by hand. It is tedious and evidently can only be done when it’s 113 outside. When I was growing up, the only time we ever had to work outside it was either foggy or 113.

I have three old stoves…heavy Little House on the Prairie wood burning kitchen stoves. They weigh a ton.  They go on one side of the veranda for a buffet. The doves go on the shady side, the freezer goes elsewhere so I don’t have to look at it and then the other side of the veranda will be set up so Mike can have a workshop. I have water and electricity up there and there will be a laundry tub because there is not going to be paint cleanup in my  kitchen ever ever again. Ever.

Because I don’t like it.

The veranda is about 1,000 square feet. I know. Crazy big. This is what it looks like today.

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