So here it is, 0500

I woke up a couple of hours ago with my head exploding. Imagine sleeping peacefully away, no dreams (that is a sign) and then quite rudely, I must say, I am hit with what I am pretty sure is  a Louisville Slugger with the business end drilled out and filled with lead.

Surprises even me that I have a brain cell left.

Took my abortives, which includes this really bitter tasting stuff I snort.Some pills that I take every day to ward off Satan’s imps, who are busy drilling a hole right thru my skull. Some serious painkillers that would only work if they would kill me.Using my O2, which I really don’t like but when a person is thinking about getting shot up with some serious painkillers, it helps to be able to tick off everything I’ve already tried. And unless I am actually weeping, I don’t go in. (That’s the  my new rule). So I have my morning music, it’s Gaelic Storm

But I’m awake and I already ironed Mike’s shirt….which is probably the only household chore I honestly enjoy. I like the way freshly ironed workshirts smell. Learned to iron when I was about five and ironed my Dad’s shirts for years but where I REALLY learned to iron? Like Prince William level of ironing?

Prison. I worked in the day rooms ( inside the units where the cells are) for years and between classes, I had nothing better to do then juke around and see what was going on. Those dudes can IRON. I learned how to truly bonaroo out a shirt and pair of jeans. I still like to iron, especially when I have a headache. It’s a Zen thing,

So on my list this morning (the clinic opens at 0800) is to make the bed (another sign of a headache coming on. It looks like Aerosmith slept there with us last night, Totally trashed). But since the iron is hot already, I’ll iron my pillowcases (it’s a Zen thing) and the top part of the top sheet because it feels good. Clear off the nightstands of the weekend’s collection of Flotsom and his pals, Jetsom. ( I look at the weekend collection of junk and projects, partially read books as real characters. The top of the nightstand is the history of the weekend.)

Vacuum. Start a load of wash. (I’m OCD about washing. It has to be dark to turn the washer ON and I hang dry most of out stuff either on the drying rack in the laundry room or on the rack I have on the veranda. I just like the way stuff smells when they are air dried and God knows, it is usually hot enough here to wash a load in the morning and  have it ready to put away in a couple of hours.

I’m rethinking my Shabby Chic plan for this bedroom. I’ve got this eggplant colored medallion stuff that I’ve had for a good long time and lots of it. I was going to use it on the dining room chairs but it’s not quite right. Not totally wrong but misses the mark of right by an eensy.

So, off I hie until the clinic opens. I’ve little enough to do and may not have to go at all.


One thought on “So here it is, 0500

  1. No dreams is your sign? Mine is having frantic dreams…I wake up desperate, and in terrible pain. These headaches are not for the weak, are they?! I wish there were something that would make you better.
    Has Mike got over his bad mood? Did you ever find out what it was about?

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