My c k i and c buttons are stuck…and that said… its a lovely mornng!

                                                                                                   I try to leave out the parts that people skip. Elmore Leonard

I’m cutting and pasting to beat the band as well as spell checking up the Ying-Yang.

We were out with coffee early morning… to see clouds of bats flying home and then about 20 minutes later clouds of crows flying east (good bugs I guess) and 20 minutes later out came the blackbirds.  I am easily entertained. I love to watch the cars go by and then watch all the drama across the street at the bar. Cops last night but no handcuffs.

Working on the veranda…lots of pots with the drip saucers and rolling feet so I can move them around. Climbing roses will go on both ends on trellises (February is when they are available) gardenias and of course herbs in smaller pots. I’ll even plant herbs with the roses because it s good for them. We have been painting and painting the veranda trying to get to ready for winter.  Buying bulbs and seeds that take forever to start. it’s coming together little by little. I didn’t realize what a huge project it was! I still need a couple of tables and even MORE pots but since  I’m living upstairs I am buying only what I can carry. Oh and Darling is building a larger cage for my doves which means I have an extra cage for canaries or finches. I have my eye on one of those circulating water the sound of water n the background. Not loud just the littlest sound of water.

Headache? Of course. I’ve tried everything I have at home so I’ll be off for a shot as soon as the clnic opens.  I was at the ER on Saturday…but  only had to wait about 15 minutes…didn’t even get a BED…. got a chair in the hallway and got my shots in an empty room. I always try to compliment the nurse if she gives a good shot. The shot doesn’t hurt but the medication burns like being stung by a bumblebee which s a GOOD thing.

I have an hour before I can get a shot and I’m am sucking up oxygen as fast as I can. Oh poor me!

Lauryn Hill…just remarkable. Gosh  I wish  I could sing!  I’d give up most of my brain cells…I don’t use them anyway. This was one of my mother’s favorites and mine too.