Holey moley! Bat in the house!

I had the veranda door open and one of the library windows and the bathroom window and the cleaning closet window open as well. No idea where the screens are.
A BAT flew into our room. He flew around the the light fixtures…they are so fast and light you can’t really comprehend if the is really a BAT or something else equally as horrible and blood sucking.
Mike got him out with my bat catcher I made. When I taught in Terra Bella it was either bats or mice in the rooms. I got myself a LONG stick that reached to the ceiling and nailed a coffee can to it with a hole in the lid connected with a string. Works just fine if you don’t mind the screaming. (Obviously, this was not the first time I needed it since I knew exactly where I keep it).

We don’t have bats. We sealed up the little brick bat stacks with cement. But other buildings have them because I can see big clouds of them flying
off at sunset, like those little flying monkeys in Wizard of Oz.

We don’t have mice, either. Whoever coined the term alley cat must have walked in my neighborhood. Those cats catch everything, even bits of paper blowing by.
I was shopping today and saw the the gluey traps have a “natural anesthetic” in them. If I’m going to be catching mice, I want the snap traps….in fact I have a whole bunch of them for when I was training the dogs to stay off the furniture. (And even my really stupid dog left the furniture alone without ever springing a trap. It might have been the psychotic muttering….)

It was little and skinny like this one

But I thought it was like this one while I was screaming