Our Lazzzzy weekend

First, no headaches. I got new stuff to try out and so far, so good.
So we went juking around to look at plants to put on the deck….not the best time of the year to shop. Mid October would be better.
So we bought what looked like A LOT of pots and quite a lot of dirt. And lots of seeds.

The flooring of the veranda is wood, covered with a stretchy canvas weight membrane. It gets covered with a product called “Elastic Merit”, which makes it waterproof. I have the same stuff on the roof of the hotel. Honestly, I can fill the roof up with water (it has walls and is flat, like most commercial buildings) to check to see if there are leaks (one, in my bedroom but we fixed that) or to see if the drains and gutters are working. We don;t have a leaf problem but sometimes pigeons will nest in the drains.

We painted it a pretty apple-y yellow, which is probably too light but anything darker would probably show up footprints, too. It is grimy outside. We moved all the furniture to the ends, painted the middle and then moved all the furniture to the middle so we can paint the ends, which is a three day job. Put some lattice up for climbing plants–moonflowers and morning glories. Planted some pots with herbs. Nothing flowering right now; we are sort of between seasons. But I want a couple of gardenias. I know they grown here–I see them around the hospital all the time. I just have to find the right spot. This is a hot, dry desert and I have to keep up on my watering. Too hot for ferns, although if you have the right spot, you can get maidenhair ferns to grow in gigantic proportions. Lucky for me that the veranda is so big and I can wheel my plants around until they find the right micro-climate. It goes from hot and sunny all day to shady and cool all day. If I hose the whole deck down, there is one spot that takes several days to dry out. THAT is the fern spot.

Vacuumed. Went out for sushi (Dragon roll with eel. I though eel would be slimy but it’s not!) Did some dishes. Knitted a little. Read. Have managed to NOT even turn the TV on for….more than the entire summer. Other real things to do. It is more entertaining to sit on the veranda and watch the cars go by and listen to the church bells ring.


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