Do you ever get so fed up with someone that you go on strike? I do it all the time.

Rude clerks? “Could you just do an entire return and give me back my money? I can’t spend it here.

I went on strike against Woody Allen when he made that ridiculous comment “The heart wants what it wants.” He is free to be what ever his heart wants him to be and I am free to keep my money out of his pockets.

Same thing with Michael Jackson….I was on strike against him for quite a while and while I loved his music, I just couldn’t get over parts of  what his life looked like. It was only after his death, when his daughter Paris spoke out so eloquently that I changed my mind. He managed to raise some remarkable children and like Britney Spears, I just don’t want to think of him like that. Am I right/wrong/shallow? Who knows. And I mean that seriously. WHO really does know?

Now that Kelsey Grammer…..on strike over him. He makes idiotic comments to the press that his children will one day read. Ban my money from him and his sponsors, too.

I went out on strike against marriage there for about ten years because it really made me mad. I do all of this waiting virginity thing  and go to purity night talks and then I up and get married and when the whole thing is said and done, all I could think of was, was that IT? No wonder mothers cry when their daughters get married. They already KNOW what the big who ha is and it’s not all that. The man couldn’t even DANCE. So I went out on strike against dating for, oh, about eight or ten years. And because I obviously paid no attention the first time, I got to do it OVER, with two children. That time I moved out of town and just worked and raised my children and was on strike for about eight years that time. When I get fed up, I really get fed up.

I am passionate about my causes and where I donate my money and time and thoughts and emotional energy. I had a wonderful boyfriend who used to tell me,” Chloe, when you’re lying there, looking at the ceiling and your thoughts are “Yellow. I think I’ll paint the ceiling yellow….that might be a clue that you need to go on strike.

So here is one of my favorite clips

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