How long did I teach?

I started subbing in 1971, with a high school diploma. I didn’t even own a car! I rode my borrowed bike back and forth and worked between classes. Of course, at  university, it was easy for me to change sections if I had a job; every section was exactly the same. Then in 1973, before I student taught, I got a great long term sub position at Rock Canyon School, teaching kindergarten. Since I lived below campus, I had to ride my bike up the hill to the Temple and the down the hill to the school….making the trip uphill both ways. In the snow.
I got my very first long term teaching job in December of 1974. I was married on a Thursday after my last final and started work on Monday. The teacher that class had before QUIT because they locked her up in a closet and set fire to it.
The next job was at Payson Junior High….teaching kids who really should have been in prison.
Then I moved to California and got a job near my hometown for several years before I made the move to LA. I taught at a year round school in the inner city and taught all of my vacation times, which at the end of ten years added four years to my time. (I had also moved my Utah time to California).
Then I moved back home and taught for 9 years at a rural school, moved again and taught for two years until I got a job teaching at a super max prison.
All told? 44 years!  (180-day years for a teacher)
It was all that subbing in LA that added up. Looking back, it sure didn’t seem that I subbed so much, but I guess it is like saving change. Little by little it all adds up.

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