Tank is away for a while

Walking Tank around the neighborhood is like going to a never-ending cocktail party. Everyone knows him and his sidekick, Rocket. She weighs two pounds, he weighs in at about 150. The homeless guys have treats for him. Everyone stops to chat and pet and before you know it, I’m walking up the stairs an hour later.,
Part of his vacation is my fault; he needed his rabies booster in September. I’ve just been too frazzled and figured whats another ten days? Rocket is due in November and I’ll just take them both.
My husband was taking Tank out for a walk and was bowled over by a random skateboarder. Tank nipped him and with his shots out of date, he is in doggy jail. He gets out on Friday.
Rocket is desolate. Jack moved out with my daughter, Elle several months ago, so she and Tank were inseparable She is not the smartest dog and has looked everywhere for Tank.
When my sister went away to college, she left behind her Cocker Spaniel, Bambi. Bambi was a dog of little brain but she, too, looked and looked everywhere on our farm for my sister. She turned up missing one night and my mother could hear her crying but couldn’t find her. Finally she checked our tree house. Bambi was up there, stuck. She could climb up the ladder but had never had to climb down, since my sister was always there to carry her.
Rocket doesn’t understand that Tank is coming back and I have to admit that the house is pretty quiet without his big clomping feet. When I leave the house, there is no giant black dog, looking accusingly at me when I say “I’m going to work.”
No grinning dog runs down the stairs when I say “Let’s go outside!”

Friday cannot come soon enough. They both have appointments with the vet.

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