Christmas Knitting…and no, I don’t think I’ve left it a wee bit late

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov 

Knitting to me is simply thinking through my fingers  Chloe

1. Starting a new pattern for  the cashmere socks I’m making for my husband. (and son and A, Elle’s Heart of Hearts. I don’t like all the other words they have for more than a boyfriend so i made up my own. And I could not have picked a better heart of hearts for her if I had done the choosing myself. He is wonderful.) (Sweaters for men have that curse. Socks do not.)

2. My daughter gets to pick one of two sweaters and the yarn for it….she gets the sweater in plenty of time to wear it. (tanisfiberarts I Heart Aran in Garnet. It has heart cables up the front because I be loving my Elle.)

3. Me. I’m ordering a set of videos for a heretofore much more difficult sweater and ordering the yarn from a local dyer.

And the best gift?

The Carnegie wants me to teach a knitting class to one and all.

And I am over the river and thru the woods with the idea!

We watched our new flatscreen tonight for three hours. Two hours of I don’t  know what and then an hour of Discovery Channel, watching our nephew on the Doomsday Plan.

The two hours of I don’t know what was better for knitting because once Brent was on, it was all jumping and squealing! I know him! He has an important job! And I know just how he must feel… a kindergarten teacher on the very first day of school, doing what he loves and loving what he does and being the main grownup in the bunch.

THAT feeling never gets old!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting…and no, I don’t think I’ve left it a wee bit late

  1. Congratulations about your nephew!
    Congratulations about Carnegie! Will you have to travel to do so? I am not familiar what Carnegie has to do with knitting but kudos for you!

    1. It’s only a block away and is part of the “return to handwork of yesteryear”. I think they are looking for tatters, lace makers and crocheter, as well as quilters. These crafts are being lost simply because there are so few mature women available to teach neighbor children (that is how I learned: I took the bus to different knitters to learn)

      1. I’ve taught hundreds of people to knit…all of my kinders learned and so did my second and third graders. (They also learned to iron a shirt and sew on buttons AND repair hems.) It is two sticks and some string and I dare to say that there are more knitters than readers on the planet.

  2. What IS Carnegie? Is it the performance hall or some kind of Arts Foundation? Anyway, many congratulations 🙂
    How are the Christmas projects going?

    1. Andrew Carnegie was a Scots immigrant who set up free local libraries in the US. We have the original one, which was the town library but is now a local museum, just a block from our house.

  3. I broke my arm and shoulder (it has all been pinned and replaced, so now I am Bionic Chloe, LOL). I will gift wrap all the knitting projects, however far they are done and then everyone will give them back to me to finish by Valentine;s Day. Two sweaters and thee pair of socks…and I started in PLENTY of time!

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