Shank, shanker, shankee

I was at the Verizon store today, getting a new battery for my cell phone. Gosh, they are so helpful there! The guy told me I was due for an upgrade, because…well, I probably am ashamed of my low tech phone. (I love my phone. I can call on it.) I could get this one that takes pictures (I have a camera) or this one with a little keyboard (I can email just fine) and I probably need 4G and gosh! wouldn’t I like this cool Katy Perry cover to dress it up? No. I just need a battery. And I would only consider an “upgrade” if it was free AND I got ten years of free service. I just need it to make calls.

The people in line alongside of me all looked like they had just gotten out of prison. EVERY couple was a guy with a gal and she was the one with the money/ATM or credit card.

So when I told my service person that as far as cell phones went, I much prefer to be the shanker, not the shankee, all heads whipped my way.

I know. I look like a kindergarten teacher and certainly not someone who has any idea of even what a shank would look like, much less with hand motions. And when I speak Spanish to my husband (he doesn’t understand Spanish but I do it anyway), I always get yet another head whip, because….well, I don’t look like I would be speaking Spanish.

So one guy asks me how I had learned about shanks…like on tv or something. Nope. Like in prison.

I’m surprised that they didn’t all get whiplash from the head whipping at that point.

And I am pretty picky about the prison./jail/cop shows that get details so very wrong. If I know it is wrong then they could have checked with SOMEONE about the details. Like Jurassic Park. That opening scene? Says they are in Costa Rico. Costa Rico my Aunt Fanny. They were in Hawaii, at a palm frond bar and were playing tejano music. You would think that with all the money thrown into Jurassic Park that they would have bothered to get that one detail right. If I noticed it, no telling who else noticed it.

So, IMO, Southland gets it right. Oz got a lot of it right (not the housing part but the scary parts). Prison Break? Wrong from the get go. Great idea but not grounded in reality in the least.

I am so pick pick picky.

So I got a new battery and took a pair of pliers to my charger. I’m good for another ten  years.

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