I broke my arm last TUESDAY

It took a week for them to get the PARTS for my bionic shoulder…my bones are so small that the closest size was way too big. Silly me, I had no idea that shoulder replacements even came in sizes. But when my husband broke his him, it took three days to get the part.
So here is the story:
Mike and I were playing roller derby in the house.
Here is the truth:
I fell over my own feet.
At the ER, they asked me what happened and I told them the truth. Then here come a DV worker and says “So, the story is that you fell over your feet?” And I said, “No, that’s the TRUTH. The story is that we were playing roller derby in the house.”
I guess there is a LOT more domestic violence going on that I previously thought. The last time I had problems like that (about 35 years ago, several husbands ago), domestic and violence didn’t even exist as a legal phrase. I know that no ER ever asked me how I got hurt. Just sayin’ that the world has changed.
But I do like the roller derby story!


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