Let there be light…every year, I make sure all the cars have flashlights and first aide kits…because when you need them, you REALLY need them

You need a big lantern in every room, also with a fresh batteries. Don’t be relying on light switches or even matches and candles . When the light goes out, you need to be able to get your hands on something so you can see! So what  you need is a big flashlight to save yourself and your family if something bad or unexpected happens.

You”ll need them in every room and in every vehicle because you just never know when you’ll need them.

There are bunches more of stuff you’ll need but to begin with?

A flashlight. If you have small children or elderly parents living with you (or teenagers or preschoolers, babies or newlyweds), I recommend the big square ones that can sit on a level surface and light up the room. Have extra batteries on hand AT HAND (not stuck in the bottom of your junk drawer. We have battery chargers in every room of the house.

If the thought even crosses your mind that you might had to go tramping about outside, go to a uniform shop and buy yourself one of those cop flashlights. Tape the fresh batteries onto the box you keep it in or slip them into your glovebox.

And don’t go holding it in front of yourself like a glow stick on Halloween. Hold it UP, steadied on your shoulder. You need to be in control of that beam!

There may well be things you need to do to protect yourself and those cop lights REALLY are heavy.

#1 Thing. Flashlights and batteries. You can get candles and matches as a back up, but you have to have light to navigate.

#2Crank radio. Gives you something to do in the dark

#3First aid kit. You need a BIG one for the house and the car, as well as any medications and bandaids you may have at home. Get into a habit of keeping all of your stuff in the same place, so you can find it in an emergency. Kotex works well to stop bleeding. Duct tape can immobilize a broken limb. I have an entire medicine cabinet that is not in the bathroom, stocked with emergency first aide needs, as well as a box filled with the same kinds of equipment, tools and medications in my car.

#4You’ll need something to drink and something to eat if you are in trouble for long. If you are at home, you probably have hundreds of dollars worth of foodstuffs


** I give these as Christmas gifts but wrap them up in a big giant box or wrap everything up separately because that looks quite festive. No one counts this as a real present but I look at it like this….if you never need them, that is present enough. And if you DO need them? Wow! What a present!

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