Pain? 10 Me? 0

I have written at very long and boring lengths about my headaches, so I’ll skip that part.

I usually like to get dressed to go the the clinic for a shot for my head. Call me crazy but I don’t want the nurse who gives me the shots to think that I wear old lady underpants, so I make an effort. As I’m SIMPLY walking past the foot of my bed, I trip over my own foot and fall….hearing this huge earthquake sort of cracking sound from MY ARM.

So when I say my head really hurts? It really does. It hurt WORSE than my broken arm. We live 3 minutes from the clinic so Mike takes me in and I say…holy moley, I think I broke my arm and my head really hurts. I get x rays and I have managed to snap the head of the humerus right off….that little ball joint that goes into your shoulder? Nowhere near the socket part. I am sent off to the ER with my head and my xrays. (My head hurts worse.) I get more xrays done of my shoulder front and back (if anything, they look even worse) and my wrist, because I think maybe I broke that too.. And my ulna, radius and humerus.  The x-ray part, coupled with my headache is unbelievably painful. As in tortured little squeaks from me. And tears rolling down my cheeks.

What so they find out? My shoulder is very well a truly messed up. The entire shoulder joint is broken. The ball part of the joint has been snapped right off the humerus and the socket part of that joint is in pieces. I am starting to turn….well you might say black and blue but you would be wrong. There was no blue in this bruise. I went straight to the ever chic black.

I did get a shot for my head (which still hurt worse than the  sound of broken bones grating together).

Sparing you the really gruesome details, I now have a titanium ball joint in my arm now…sort of like a hip replacement and the parts of the socket have been glue together, I guess. Not pinned. It hurts like I stuck it in a snowbank for a couple of hours. I used to live in Utah where it regularly would get down to, oh, five degrees which is pretty nippy. It fells Like I left it outside. I sprained my wrist. The bruise traveled from my shoulder DOWN my arm and to my hand….so it looked like someone had taken a baseball bat to me. Of all the time I have spent in the hospital in my life, I have always managed to take a shower every day. This time I got bed baths….which is sort of like getting a Brazilian. Both participants chatter on about random stuff while pretending this  is not going on.

So the question when I go in for shots for my head are  now “Worse than your arm?”

Oh, yes.

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