Thank you for flying MIGRAINE airlines today

This all started yesterday afternoon. The inside of my head felt exactly like a sea sponge soaked in hot salt water. So I checked with my brother, who is weekending here to see if he could take me into the clinic for shots in the morning. Then I checked to see if I had enough cash…it’s $44 a pop. Then I sprayed the nastiest and so far worthless nasal spray. It has never worked, not once. but I keep getting the scripts and trying it because one day it might work.
Then I stay up all night. My other migraine medicine comes in impossible to open little packages. I can take two in four hours. So I do, knowing it isn’t going to help…okay, maybe it might. But so far in the last seven years? It hasn’t. And whoever came up with the brilliant idea of putting those little pills in impossible to open packages should be shot. No, better yet, they should get migraines and see how funny it is to try to rip them open.
So it is 0654. I’ve been up all night. My head feels…well everything I’ve read says it feels like childbirth. Baloney. When you are having a baby there are drugs 24/7. My migraines hurt worse than when I shattered my shoulder and broke my arm three weeks ago. Much worse.
My clinic opens at 0800. I get six shots. SIX. And they hurt. because if they don’t hurt, they won’t work. My hiney looks like a dartboard so I’m using my thighs today. Get my shots, make the 3 minute trip home and sleep it off. This is only the second set of shots this week…I’ve had nine (NINE!) headaches but only two have been screamers.My nose is running and I’m crying those big cow eye tears.I’l be home by 0830 because for me, it is always the very same thing.

One thought on “Thank you for flying MIGRAINE airlines today

  1. Sounds as if you’re having a particularly bad time again. Hope the arm/shoulder is healing…((((((((((((((((((Katie)))))))))))))))))))))))))

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