Writing is both mask and unveiling. E.B. White

  1. The day when I realized I had discovered my life’s work. I was five and decided teaching was totally for me. I was totally right.
  2. The moment I had my first child. Granted, when my then husband said “We have a SON!” I thought a mistake of universal proportions had been made. But the instant he was put in my arms, I realized that even I don’t know everything. Ben was is and remains one of the happiest moments of my life. He is almost 30, so there have been millions of those moments and I have not regretted a single one.
  3. The day I discovered my second ay was a girl. Who did I call first? Ben. He named her. I could him him running down the hallway from recess and he said “Is it a boy or a gull?”I told him she was a “gull” and he said “Then we will name her Awecia Mawgaet ad she shall be called Weesi.”
  4. The moment of Lisi’s birth, One second she was as purple as grape juice and the next instant, when they put her in my arms she drew breath and pinked right up.
  5. The day I got my job in the inner city in Los Angeles, What I learned was so valuable; the people I met were so incredible that I am friends to this very day.
  6. The day I met my Mama Serpa. She was my then best friend’s mother and again, I learned so much about so much I can never ever repay the debt. All I can do is my best for others and that will keep me busy for the rest of my days.
  7. When I met my husband Mike. He is my third husband and was well worth the wait. He is wonderful to me and to my children. I love his family, especially his parents. They get me, even when I’m crazy worried. It is beyond joyful when you finally find a family you fit into and I am lucky beyond words. My own parents did the very best they could and I even think that my sister tries, but they never ever understood me at all. I am simply not who my parents would have chosen and certainly not who my sister would want to spend more that five minutes a year with. She has lots of friends and I just never made the cut and that’s okay. Everyone doesn’t have to love me. That is why I am so happy with those people in my life who do.because I know the difference between honest love and familial tolerance. Love is better. It always is.


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