Day 15 of my Migraine

Fifteen days straight. I have been poked so many times that I’m running out of places that are not bruised. (15 x 4= 60 plus the occasional replacement shots when we hit a bad spot. I am so tired of crying with my head and not being able to get anything done. I have two speeds…drugged or crying. AND every single time, I think to myself, “This is the last one! The very last one!”  That has got to happen, sooner or later.

Once I stop crying and thinking only about myself, here is something that is really important.

I am a great reader and have very eclectic tastes. Lately, it seems that every book I put my hands on has a huge Holocaust connection. I was reading Pat Conroy’s “Beach Music” the other day and the Holocaust not only shaped the story, there were two heart-rending accounts by two of the characters. Their experiences marked their children in a terrible way that only was made more terrible by the retelling of their life during WWII.  The link takes you to the 60 Minutes piece.

Please watch. If for no other reason to give a voice and face to the three men who relate their experiences in photos, paperwork and flesh.


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