It is even hotter if you can imagine that!

I went over to Morro Bay, CA for a week to get out of the heat and came back to 105-108 temps! Goodness! And the beach break did nothing except make it hotter here! But a little heat is good for the farmers and ultimately good for us…

Knitting in this heat is just a chore! I was working on I heart Arans from tanis fibers (in  garnet) and it is just too hot to handle (after the sleeves, part of the front and the collar), so I ripped it ALL OUT and restarted in French Braid (also from tanis fibers). My daughter is totally tatted up and has to cover up at her job, so cardigans are better for her anyway. She doesn’t have a/c in her ’72 VW but her office is COLD! So cold that she would just as soon be at work than at home! I always taught in public school (no a/c and usually no fan unless I brought it from home. Teaching in the San Joaquin Valley and dripping sweat the papers I was correcting was a usual occurrence! And the classrooms at the prison? Horrible! Cold and damp in the winters and sweltering in the summer. I’ve never worked in a place where the classes were canceled because it was too hot INSIDE. It was too hot to walk across the yard and open up the 17 gates between me and my car even! I would get a big lemonade every day for the ride home. That was my present to myself for going to work. (In the winter, it was coffee in the morning from a not-Starbucks local caffeine connection).

Back to French BraidImage (image from tanisfibers)…it is the same amount of yarn but it just LOOKS cooler to me!

Feeling like a headache is coming…I took my preventatives but I can feel it rolling in. I had hoped to get some business/shopping/groceries/birdfood in today but I guess that isn’t happening. 😦 . Lisi is home today (she works 4/10), so I can send her out for the birdseed at least! When it cools down, I want to go to the Monday Sale (huge flea market) (well, huge for here :)) and get some finches for my little cage and another dove for my big cage. Did you know that putting a new bird in the cage at night will make the birds NOT fight? When you add a new hen to a flock, they will peck it to death becasue it is a strangers. Put a new hen in at night, the chickens think it must have always been there! (Chickens remind me a little pecking dinosaurs). Mike is going to get the misters up on the veranda this week. It is SO hot here that the misters cool off the air but the water evaporates before it gets everything wet. We also wash down the brick walls and that heaps with the heat as well.

The end. I need to get dressed to go out…which means a shot 😦 

There goes a pair of new shoes. 😦  or dinner out…or a lot of other things. Good thing I have insurance or I would just have to suck it up. I had a headache while in Morro Bay (they aren’t connected to the weather as far as I can see) and it was easily the top 2 of all headaches I have had, just short of banging my head on the wall. Seriously. These things hurt. But I’m up for Botox (in my head, not in my face.) I earned this face! That is me on the left this past Christmas, when I broke my arm. My adorable friends are Candie and Lavon (l-r) and Christie (not pictured) who came over to help me decorate for Christmas. I have such great friends!Image


3 thoughts on “It is even hotter if you can imagine that!

  1. ADORABLE pic of you……stay cool……we are in the 90’s today here but I already have a.c. on. I remember school here being dismissed for “heat days” because no a.c. or fans in rooms. It was when we got over 100F inside. Kids couldn’t do anything and heat exhaustion etc. set in. No one wanted to handle all of them in the little 2 bed nurse’s office at any school. Take care…xoxo

  2. You are so cute!
    I love the cardigan you’re knitting for Lisi. Wouldn’t she be better off in long sleeved t-shirts though? Are her tattoos pretty?

  3. Oh, Novel, her tattoos are horrible! Gigantic. The only good thing about them is that they are in color, which means she didn’t get them done in prison. I am thinking about getting one on my foot but I’m not sure I could manage the peck peck peck of the needles. Funny, I used to faint when I got shots. Topple over like rotted tree. I still have trouble with injections in my arms or when I get an IV put in or even a TB test. But the headache shots? No problem. I get them in my thighs so I can watch and see that it isn’t the teeny timey needle; it is the stuf IN the needle that hurts.

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