Lisi’s new house….a fixer-upper. Is there any other kind?

She has the before photos on her phone…but trust me, they aren’t REALLY before photos. We’ve been working on the house for a week already…although I’m usuing the word “work” very loosely. I’ve mainly been sweeping, mopping, cleaning, de-spider-webbing, weeding and raking. Tomorrow, I get to knock out a wall! (MY favorite thing. Knock out the wall and then go home and rest).

I don’t know how my parents managed to do all the things they did when they were older than I am right now. I guess that they were made of sterner stuff, because I do not like this part at all. Just sayin’

I like the picking part…picking light fixtures, picking furniture, picking paint and waving my hand at some crew of guys, saying “Yes, you there, my good man! Pull up all those weeds, roto till the garden and then rake it out.”  I think Lisi has more of me in her than she thinks….”I don’t like the ramp or the kitchen stairs. Can you teach me how to build stairs?” Which is Bridge-speak for “I will hold the hammer”.

After I knock down the wall in the bathroom, she will start scraping the exterior. She is thinking of grey, black and white (always fresh and welcoming) with a Kiwi green front door.

She liked my idea of a pot party, too….invite your friends over for a barbeque and have them bring a potted plant! (I did this once when I was getting rid of the hundreds of pots left behind by the former owners….I had no desire at that time in my life to drag around a bunch of clay pots!

Anyway, onward and upward. The sledgehammer is in the car!

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