The glad news from Aix

After a cartload of tests (who makes these tests UP, anyway), I met with my new-to-me neuro and discovered that I have

  • cluster headaches,
  • migraines,
  • hemicrania continua (I think that means who know why my head hurts)
  • and an AVM.
  • and I’m anemic, too boot!

Good news, if you spend the majority of your time, as I do, crying because my head hurts. I spent a cartload of time, doing my research and now you know exactly as much as I do (and as much as anyone on the planet).

No reason for the headaches. They might be on some whack DNA strand, since it appears that my Da and the entire nation of Eire has them. No cure. Oh, the AVM might blow up and drop me dead in my tracks, which is the only reason I keep the house clean. I would die twice if I dropped dead on the crosswalk AND my house was a mess. That would be worse than the whole dropping dead thing. And sometimes, my head hurts so bad, dropping dead sounds like a good idea, although there are two movies I’d like to see before I end up a heap on the hot sidewalk. (Diana and We’re the Millers). The last movie I saw in a theater was The Wild, Wild West. It was awful and I haven’t read about a movie since that piqued my interest. But I would like to see what a diet of kale did to Jennifer Aniston.

I turned the television off FOUR years ago. It just seemed that everyone was so shrill!I missed it not; we usually would watch L&O:SVU and I just got tired of watching an endless parade of run of the mill pedophiles, teachers who were pedophiles, coaches and preists who were pedophiles, stalkers and rapists. Having known more than my share of these characters from work, I just could not watch for another minute.

We do have videos of different series that we like but mmissed due to their air time. We got up (still do) at about 0530, which made any television past 2100 just too late for us. So it’s not like I am totally cut off from the world. Just cut off enough that People magazine is filled with  total strangers—don’t know who they are or what they do….unless they are on ER, Gray’s Anatomy, The Closer and China Beach. I do want to get the five seasons of Glee 🙂 and maybe Ally McBeal and Friends. But that is about it.

Other news here

it is cooling off! It’s dropped down to the high 90’s which is immeasurably cooler than the run of 105+. Once you get to 105, 110 and even 115 are exactly the same. There is a great leap when it gets to 120 but in general, it all feels just like Hell.

My days are filled up with tending the dogs and walking or working with them or going over to Lisi’s new house (new to her; it needs a lot of work). Mudding the walls, sweeping and scraping and weeding. For some odd reason, the former occupants left a huge pile of twigs and branches over by the fence. They are dry and brittle now and so entangled….but every little bit helps.

I have photos but have lost my phone. Oh, it is not really lost. I just don’t know where it is.


2 thoughts on “The glad news from Aix

  1. Great to hear from you, but what mixed news. I am going to have look up your diagnosis… Knowing what you have, will that help with management now? (((((((((((((((Katie)))))))))))))))))

  2. So you are still right where you were before the tests? Did doc say he could do anything to help? What next?
    Love that you can keep busy with Lisi’s place. Take care of YOU and it’s okay if your house isn’t “clean as a whistle”…mine NEVER is! *wink*

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