I have mourned long enough

I have been sad long enough to have conceived, delivered, named a baby  AND gone back to work. Mike was my forever person but I did not jump into that coffin with him.

*I need to both rejoin and get on with it. Not that I’ve sat around in sshes, staring at a closed window—I’ve kept our demanding machine in good working order, bought and sold, tore down,  ripped up, put together, installed and spent money. Made it, too.

I am giving myself a week to get the surface cleaned and cleared off; then comes the room by room purging. Ben is going to help me empty the kitchen cupboards, wash them on the inside, go to one of the big three (BigLots, the Dollar Store and the PennyStore). I do have to stop at Home Depot for white paint and a 2x (a two by four). I have more cupboards than shelves, so that is my first up. Photos to follow in a pictorial essay I’m calling “Squalor to sparkle: a kitchen story” To day was the only day I had totally free from other plans and plots.








3 thoughts on “I have mourned long enough

  1. It’s good to hear from you again. As always, I admire your energy and now I look forward to the pictures too.

  2. Life moves on, and the living have to go on too, that does not diminish what you feel for Mike, or vanish the empty space but it is real. A person can either sit and wallow in their grief and loss or they can decide to live and do what needs done, knowing all the best of that other person moves on with them and helps give them strength to face each day.

  3. If you want to punish yourself and paint the inside of the cabinets, consider adding some splashes of color on the inside – perhaps one shelf of each cabinet. It can give some of left over cans of paint from other projects a purpose in life. My husband used the left over kitchen wall paint in my closet; I actually like it there (and don’t like it in the kitchen). It’s been insufferably hot with super high humidity here. We can’t paint anything right now.

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