Just a wee drop in

I’ve been MIA for pretty much the last year. Between managing Mike’s business and picking up the pieces of my life and writing a whole entire book about the process (The Year of Missing Michael), working and going to Mass every single day, I’ve been busy.

I met a wonderful man on November 29 and am sitting in a warm house while he is out in the cold and damp, spraying weeds. I was out earlier, driving tractor. Some things you never forget. I may not remember why I’m at the grocery store but I can still shift gears, back up and hit the outside brake to make a tight turn. And yes, thst made me very happy.

Here is pretty much all you need to know about Estephen. He came in yesterday because a calf (not his) was down and he couldn’t get her without me. She was tangled up between two fencing cables. A pack of dogs had gotten to her—bites, not tearing into her. So we climbed a fence and levered the cables apart enough to get her big fat ankel bone free. She didn’t get right up but eventually she did. She was gone this mornong, so her people fpund her and probably put her in a sick bay pen

Had she lain out all noght, she would have been lost.

It was cold and damp and she easn’t Estephen’s heifer. Her people don’t even know he spent several hpurs saving her from the dead wagon. You can’t save everythong in the country but I bet she is glad he did.

And THAT’S the kind of man he is.


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