I am not a nice person

Obviously, I try. I’ve made arrangements to take care of my special needs adult son. I’ve made arrangements for my grandchildrens post high school education. My daughter… not at all. Whatever issues she has, she’ll have to work out herself. She’s lived here, rent free since November. During this time she had ordered me around, told me where and when my dogs can be in my house, kept my kitchen trashed and my home decorated with beer and alcohol bottles. I’m done. She gets married in May and I’d like her gone NY June. When I told her this, there was a lot of stomping out and door slamming. Her boyfriend’s family doesn’t like me because I lent them eviction money two years ago. So they can go to hell. And I know I’ll never see that baby again. But if they don’t leave, somebody is going to be dead.

Danny just came onto the library, glared at me and stomped off. I hear the door closing, so he’s bailed. And I don’t care. I’ve helped and paid and paid and paid And I’m done.

Just knocked on their door—surprise! They are all gone. Nothing like being abandoned without a word to make you feel disposable.

3 thoughts on “I am not a nice person

  1. You are not abandoned, you are just getting your life and space back, a bit rudely but we can take rude…
    And when my only daughter told me to get out of her life and stay out, I did. And when several months later she wanted to know here her birthday and Christmas money were, I let her know that was part of staying out of her life…she wanted me out and I was complying, and it was and still is working well for me. She walked out of her children’s lives a few years ago, I now have contact with them again, their dad is doing a good job and they are flurishing and doing so well.
    We just cannot fix our kids, or shrink them down small and start over. Sometimes, we have to just live our lives and let them sink or learn to swim.

  2. Gone? As in, left?
    Had no idea that things were this stressful. Didn’t know she was even living with you. She has always been such an independent one. Hopefully, she will move out and be that way again, then you can love each other more easily.
    You ARE a nice person!

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