Bad luck comes in threes. I just want to know WHERE I should start counting.

I have a terrible tenant who has been consistently either late or simply doesn’t pay his rent. He always has excuses; Social Security sends his check to Kaweah Delta Hospital, which deducts his co-pay and then sends his decimated check to automatic deposit, where it is loaded onto his ATM. ( No you aren’t crazy; that program does not exist). Another the-check’s-in-the-mail excuse is that the hospital ( he’s not even IN the hospital) bills SS and they take the payment out of his check and then sometime during the month, sends him what’s left. ( That doesn’t happen either.) And I know the exact day and five minute window when I’m funded. So last December, he ended up not paying rent at all. I paid the server $50 to serve him with a 3-day notice and surprise! He had the current rent and $50 for the service fee and $200 for the rent in arrears. He paid late every month until he was all but caught up—he still owes $50 from last December and the fact that I fing him and notate it oon his rent receipt drives him crazy. In January, I showed up to collect his rent to find that he had cut out the carpet. It’s still intact under the bed and under his big ass entertainment center. The first thing he said to me was “When are you going to replace the carpet?” WHEN YOU LEAVE. He didn’t ever even mention the carpet and believe me, he’s mentioned and called about something every month. In February, he ripped up the vinyl in the kitchen. Then he tells me the place has been condemned (no), that he is moving….the list goes on. He tells me he has roaches on a Friday night and the bug guy is there on Monday. He refused to let him inside the house. Then he refused to let the flooring guys inside the house. Then he got three more 3-day notices and in June, didn’t pay rent at all. The sheriff served him with a 5-day notice; I’m waiting to see if he now needs to be served (at $300 for each service…one for him, one for his wife, one for any random people they have living there).
I figure it will cost about $5,000 to get him out and then sbout $17,000 to fix the house up and re-rent it. “Flip or Flop”, I’m not. The house is sound, he’s just trashed it. Happens. Great renters get to thinking the rent is too much and start breaking things or being late/skow/no pay. It always ends up with the sheriff showing up to lock them out and them crying as they shove stuff into trash bagsand wslking down the dtreet, crying. Then the sheriff ssys that what thry left behind is worth lrss than $300 and I have a tradh trailrr out that same day. I have to check the fridge for dead bodies before I throw that out ( because by lock-out time, the utilities have been cut off).
This particular house has been flipped 5 times in 20 years. However, this is the last tenant I did not personally chose.
End of rant.

I’ll keep you updated becayse it can sometimes tske dix or right months to get sonrone rbicted. All that 3-day notice does is tell them “Don’t pay rent anymore. Call Legal Aid, because your lanflord is PUTTING YOU OUT OF YOUR HOME. Buy another big screen.”


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