Migraines and Valley Fever

Just a little whine.
My head hurts. My doctor is out if town. My rescue meds have left me on Gilligan’s Island with no help in sight.

My nose is running, my eyes are crying, it feels like someone socked me in the nose with a sledgehammer while driving a rusty railroad spike into my eyeball.

My Valley Fever has given me big giant black bruises so I look like maybe I WAS in a fight with Sledgehammer. My joints ache like l have terminal arthritis.

And not only are we in a drought, it feels like the surface of the sun outside. It was 103 at ten o’clock last night. IN THE DARK. The sun had been on the whole other side of the world for hours and the ground was still hot. Those people who walk over coals? Come HERE and walk to the barn.


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