Hummer babies

There is an incredibly intricate and tiny hummingbird nest outside the bedroom window on the farm. Two different hummers have been sitting on it for about three weeks. Yesterday, I saw both adults feeding three tiny beaks but no sitting behavior. That’s because the wee babies are old enough to generate heat on their own. An adult is perched nearby, stilletto break at the ready to do battle with any interlopers. This is a

pretty drab-looking pair, not the jeweled ruby throated hummingbirds I see in the honeysuckle. Next spring, I’m going to plant hummer and butterfly plants in containers in the back garden, if it looks like we have more water. I couldn’t justify it this year what with wells running dry.

We have several dozen doves in a big walk-in cage. I love the sound but they are incredibly stupid. They lay eggs willy nilly in messy nests. They forget their eggs and randomly sit in boxes or in a piles of sticks. It’s so hot that we need to get misters set up. In the meantime, I’ll spray them down and they lift up their wings in the water.

We have several other walk-in cages and each breed of bird is uniquely strange, with individual quirks. Lucy, the parrot, likes oranges that I just start the peel and apples the best. If I cut up a fresh pineapple, she likes the rings in her dish and not threaded in her stick.

The wild cockatiel is caged alone because he’ll bite the feet off the other birds. I named him “Little Feet”. He keeps an eye on everything I do and when he sees me with fruit in my hand, does a little hippity hop dance.

The lovebirds get all greedy, thinking there won’t be enough. There always is.

2 thoughts on “Hummer babies

  1. Had no idea you kept birds…well, maybe a few on the veranda. We used to have cages and cages of them – owls, toucans, macaws, etc. Have to be honest – don’t really miss them. Liked the birds; did NOT like having to care for them – time consuming and smelly. Love visiting other people’s though. Hope yours are a joy to you, it sounds as if they are.

  2. Hi. I am trying to use my new iPad. . . I got one snow photo posted but have not learned how to do it myself –the guy at the Apple Store mostly did it and as TEACHERS, we both know that’s no way to teach someone to do it themselves. . .come see our one snow day thus far this year.


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