Oh, the things you’ll find!

I’m not by nature very tidy. I don’t get a lot of joy doing repetitive chores, like dusting. Dust today and nobody will notice by tomorrow. Dust every two years and it doesn’t look signifigantly different in 24 hours.

And don’t even get me started on the 21 meals and accompanying dishes, cups, silverware that has to be washed, dried, put away, tracked down and matched up. Altogether too much pickety pick pick picking for me. ( I love the way a pretty table looks. I just need a staff to tend to the details.)

My floors are where I’m starting. I live in an old whorehouse, built in 1890. I had six (SIX) dogs up here and ….well, you can guess what my floors looked like! I know I should start high and do the floors last but I thought that I could get immediate gratification 😄
I used a straw broom, then a whisk broom, then a great big dust mop to start off. I used the lid of one of those not-Rubbermaid storage tubs. I put it on the top stair and just swept everything onto it. Immediate gratification! Dust pans get so dusty and grimy plus there’s always that little line of dust that needs a wet paper towel to get got.
I have one of those flat head Swiffer spray things. All those ratty socks that multiply like rabbits? I slip those on the head because I end up with 4 clean surfaces. This first go-round, I used watered down mop’n’ orage glow. I did a quick and dirty go round and holy moley! The socks were filty, so I have no illusion that the floors are really clean but they already look so much better!
Before and after. On Thursday, I tackle the stairs, beadboard and spindles. I have this delicious orange oil that I got in Brazil. It is sort of little oranges/lime/ Myer lemon smelling. And not slippery either. Just breath-taking.

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