I lost an entire day

Last week, I thought Thursday was Wednesday. Tonight I thought tomorrow would be Saturday. Ay yi yi!

Tomorrow Estephen has a CPA appointment in town. While he is doing that, I need to get some banking done, as in dump some money IN. This year, I’m plugging up the holes in my money dam.

*Cut out going for coffee—$25/week ($100/month)

*Changing my scripts to 90 day and using Phil to fill said scripts. i use Phil.com I LOVE IT! No more driving down to the big box pharmicies and being told it’s not ready, would I like to wait inside? NO. NOOOOO! I don’t need more nail polish, trashy magazines or Australian licorace. Phil.com takes care of

*Picking up dinner, since I’m in town. It wouldn’t kill me to make a salad. Or a grilled cheese sandwich. Or slice an apple. No lie, I probably spend $500/a month on eating out.

`                                                                                                                                   *I changed my medical plan to one that will save me $41,000 out of pocket. I think I can finagle maybe another $10,000 on top of that by changing my medication AND  putting in pretax money into a medical escrow. Just need to arrange my big ticket items, like dental and vision to not happen during the same month.

***I’ll be needing a new car soon. My Element is dandy and I’ll keep it but I’d like a red Ford Focus for my every day car. I’m looking at fleet cars from Enterprise, Alamo and Hertz. I’ve done that before and besides the low milage (around 15k miles), I’m not paying for that new car smell and all of the little bugs have been worked out. Fleet cars are serviced regularly, too. Plus they’ve been kept clean.

***And all my change goes into a jar every evening. I get a lot of change in the bottom of my handbag and I’ll  never go digging for a penny. It’s not a lot but in a year, I wonder how much of a financial difference it will make? Too soon to tell.




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