I have been AWOL and busy

Went to Brazil last year Fall 2015 and liked it so much I could have stayed. FOREVER. Came home.Translated security tapes.Knitted very little.


Easter 2016, we’re off to the Azores (9 miniscule islands 900 miles west of the mainland). Loved it. Families were close and the prevailing difference in culture was that maybe you can’t find the perfect job on the islands BUT you can look at  your job as an investment to finance your puro de vida in paradise.



NOW this is paradise! I drove ( not again. Entirely too much adulting to do if I have to drive). Some my cousins and Kylemoor Abby. Such a romantic love story.

Haven’t unpacked yet

The Farm Show is coming up in two weeks, the the pistashio convention in Palm Desert, an over night in San Marino so we can see the Huntington.

Then we’re going to UTAH! Stop in Vegas go see Susie Q, stop in Ceder to see Uncle Howie, Payson to see Pat, stop in Provo to show my school off to Estephen. Maybe see Joyce. Up to Heber, around to Park City and into Salt Lake. Stop to see old roommates and Temple square. Then across the Salt flats to Reno, Tahoe and then a day in Sacramento’s old town.

And then it’s time to farm again.

This year, I’ll spend MTW at my place, ThF in Waukena, with the weekends varying depending on farm stuff.

But this weekend I’m seriously unpacking, washing and hanging my stuff up. I have TWO boxes of hangers in the back of the car.

The end ;D



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