Organize 100….a brief back story

I love getting all the supplies to organize. The colors! Cute clips! Darling magnets! And while I’m at Staples….look! A font program!

I live in an old hotel, built in 1890. Heck, it wasn’t a hotel. It was a whorehouse. It has four closets that originally were rooms for these working girls. I have a gift closet, with paper and bags and tissue paper. It is one of the few areas of my house that is totally on track. There’s a birthday/anniversary calendar, tape and scissors. I regularly buy these supplies and put the away and smile like a serial killer as I quietly shut the door.

At gift giving time, I won’t be wrapping presents. I’ll buy a bunch of brown bags, tissuue papper and cram the present in the bottom. Once in a while I’ll find the perfect set of gifts ( totally not in the least big equal to how I do or do not feel about them.) I gave a couple who were just getting married and had purchased a Battlestair Gallactuca grill every grill thing I could think of, including a little Scentsey barbeque set. It just thrilled me to get the forks and tongs and different salts to no end. So I have the skills…I just don’t have the drive to organize.

My cleaning closet is the stuff of nightmares. A) because the door is both upside down and backwards. I have to walk in and  close the door so I can flip the switch.

I’m putting in a new big and hot water heater in (because I am tired of waiting 20 minutes for it to get up to me, my bubbles and candles). I’m putting up some of those narrow stainless steel rolling racks to put stuff ( probably holiday stuff). I’m coveting one of those broom handle hanger things. Parking places for my vac, floor mate and the swiffer mop thing. Individual baskets for the spare parts AND the paperwork that goes with each appliance.

Right now, I’m in love with my litte handheld shark steamer. It is AMAZING at how much gunk lurking on every wipeable surface. Hard water problems? Soak a rag in very cheap vinegar. Wrap the gooky stuff up tight with the vinegar soaked rags. You might need to “recharge” the vinegar during the day. Put vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it up around the showerhead. I also pour a half gallon of vinegar in the toilet tank. Then I pour the rest of the vinegar into the bowl (put some of it in a spray bottle). Add baking soda to the bowl and scrub like crazy. Everything looks so clean! For me, once a month works for me. (And it’s a good thing to do but I have no schedule and that is where the train falls into the snowy abyss)

I happened on Lisa Woodruff’s Organize 365 on FB, then got her book and bought my supplies from her etsy shop.  There are lots of us whobhave just let inertia take over. My house isn’t really dirty as much as it it just cluttered. I was not born with the “pick-it-up” gene in my DNA.

So if your’re interested, peek in on Organize 365 on FB.

I’m never going to get everything cleaned in one day, so I’m posting before and after pictures of specific areas.



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