Organize365-Day 1

I cleaned out my car.
I live on the third story of an old saloon/whorehouse. It is a huge deal to drag up the marketing. I usually park in front and strategically unload everything that has to be refrigerated. The next unload is stuff I really need, like underpants.
After that I get worn out and end up taking a week to get everything up the stairs. The lit photo is just to the landing
The other one is from the landing and my front door. “Those stairs will keep you young!”she said.”It’ll be fun!’
So not only is my car cleaned out and scheduled for repair (because a guy slammed into my car and knocked me clear ACROSS the street), it’s even getting detailed, so I HAD to clean it out
I’m seriously going to vac and armour all it in the inside. The steering wheel is just icky…Like the floor in the prison.
I don’t mind having a messy car. I just don’t want people to know about it
So the car is reasonably clean and the stuff is upstairs on the rooms they belong in.
***I get a new door, new seat, new hood and something else.


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