Farm Show Sunday

The WorldAgExpo starts on Tuesday but Media Monday is tomorrow. We start at 0500 for live remotes for the rest of the world and all timezones. It is incredible that there are so many people from Germany, Russia, China, the UK,Israel…and probably every state in the lower 48.
I work the media data base which is making sure I have current contact information, meal vouchers and parking, since it is not unheard of for some to come back and say they didn’t get one. (I lost my ticket to Stonehenge between the bus and the gate. One minute it was in my hand and the next minute gone.)

This is a vendor driven event—no animals.Just a lot of machinery and big gazillion dollar tractors. And 100k+ visitors. To say we are run off our feet this week is such an understatement.

I am not 100% on board with all of this volunteering. I only got involved because my SO was chairman and has been volunteering for 48 of the 50 years the farm show has been going on. It’s a big deal here in Tulare. Porterville, not so much. At all. Plus, I was teaching and teachers don’t up and rake a week off to volunteer anywhere.

I am much better behind a computer than I am with actual people. I CAN socialize. I just don’t like it. Unlike my SO. He is Mr. Say hi to everyone. I’m more like Queen Elizabeth.
I’ll do it because it’s on my list but I’d rather be with my fogs than people. Except for groceries, I could merrily never set foot outside for the rest of my life. I think maybe I’m just peopled out.

Speaking of my dogs, I’m down to one dog, Tank. 22 on Tuesday. He had a stroke on Friday and not only didn’t know me, he couldn’t walk. Left side involvement. Today he is much better all around but still has signifigant weakness in his legs. If he gets worse, I’ll take him in. Except for my children, Tank is my longest relationship. I’ve lost all my husbands. I never even lived this long anywhere. So he will leave a big empty hole in my life. Estephen us not a cat person and neither am I but I need some kind of pet. Probably next spring, I’ll get a Maltese, like Rocket. Not right now. I have too many otner things on my plate.


One thought on “Farm Show Sunday

  1. Estephen?
    Sorry about Tank. He is amazingly old, isn’t he? You must love him so much he absolutely does not want to lose you.We lost Lucy recently and are down to two dogs now. It’s surprising what a big hole Lucy has left – she was so easy that she rarely drew attention to herself, but she was the one at the end of my fingertips most of the time just loving being loved. All blessings on dogs. I prefer them to people too.

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