Adventures in Budgeting

I need a new car, new roof, new plumbing and a new dog.

I don’t know if anyone else on the planet has anywhere near the love/hate relationship I have with money. Growing up on a farm, we didn’t have a weekly payday. I think maybe we had several disbursements during the year; I think maybe my folks “borried” operating costs (every dime) and paid it back at the end of the year, just to turn around and borrie money for the next year.

I’m guessing because other than snapping “We don’t have money for THAT!”, my parents never talked about money. I know that in 1970, they netted $4,000 because our bookkeeper wrote a letter stating this for my scholarship packet. For a family of four, even in 1970, that wasn’t a lot. $9,350 was the average in 1970 so no wonder I got a six small local scholarships as well as a full ride four year scholarship to my private university. Tuition there was $250/semester and $35/month for room and board. I worked summers in a packing shed for spending money. During the school year I did substitute teaching in the three or four nearby schools. I had a borrowed bike.

All I remember about high school was studying all the time so I could get a schloarship; college was the same squared because I had to KEEP my schloarship. Finishing school and getting a job was a REST.

Just recently, I’ve fangirled over Hamilton, the musical and Alexander Hamilton, the biography. I understand the crazed drive of both Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Back to budgeting.

I’m widowed (3 years, 3 months and 3 days), retired and own several rentals. I live on the hotel floor of a saloon/whorehouse. Downstairs is rented out. The upkeep on this building—fixing stuff that breaks—runs about $5k a year. My roof will run about $25k. I need some new plumbing to the tune of about $10k. I need to finish a small renovation, brick in an opening, move my front door and put in a security door—probably $5k. Resurface my parking lot, restripe it and get signage that says “Private Parking. Tow away zone”. That’s about $5k.


Holy moly! That’s $50,000 and I still need a car! No wonder I can’t sleep at night.

The smart thing to do would be to refinance the hotel, make all the repairs AND get another car.


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