I got the POWER!

The organizing gods are smiling on me! I have a couple of bookcases in my master bedroom that are a huuuge mess. It’s not even really my bedroom and this isn’t even my house. I stay here about half the time and didn’t want to get all pushy. But tonight, I cleaned out four shelves of former wives stuff ( one more reason to get my house in order—I’m not looking forward to waking up dead and then some years later, someone burrowing through my things!)

So today:

I made the bed

Cleaned out four shelves


Rearranged my lingerie drawers

Tomorrow, finish the shelves, dust and move it out of the room. It’s just not a good use of shelves.

I also SERIOUSLY need to clean out my car. The floor is sticky! I need some seat covers because I’m only keeping the car for another 18 months and I’d like to keep the foam stuffing in place, at least.

*I’d like to clean out “my side” of the closet. It is very deep for no reason. So only dresses are there. I have another closet for tops and jeans. I need to get shoe hangers because I’m about tired just digging through a box to find a pair that match.

Pictures in the morning.

*I totally lied about the pictures. I looks like a concept before ( the REAL before was purely pitiful).

I need a little more time so I can be properly impressed!






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