A Mouse!

I live farther out in the country than I ever have before. It’s a little town with 149 people living here.No post office, hospital, bank. Five miles away,there is a gas station. If you need an ambulance, you are better off driving yourself.

( Which I did, two years ago. Right before leaving for Brasil. And no, I didn’t tell my doctor I was leaving the country.) Massive bleeding ulcers. Not the smartest jaunt I’ve ever taken. I just had to be careful with what I ate.

I split my time between the farm in Waukena and my business in Hanford. Right now, I’m getting things together to paint the inside of the hotel. Last week was the first cream coat for cracks. You literally force ten minute mud into the cracks and scrape the excess off with a little bone knife or a dead credit card. The next step is to tint the twenty minute mud, force it into the same crack and squeege it off with a dead credit card. Wait about 30 minutes and hit it with a sponge sanding block.

I’d like to do this in every room but I’m pretty sure I’d never get anything finished. So for now, it’s the guest room and bathroom. Color washed walls in shades of turquoise in the bedroom and bath. Eventually, I’ll put in those little black and white tiles…eventually like next year.

This year is a new roof and a new ceiling.

And now about the mousies. They come in during the cold to breed in peace. It only takes one pregnant little mouse and how they come in is beyond me! Especially in the hotel. They have to crawl up nearly three stories!! We usually find them drowned in the dog dish or stuck in a sticky trap. I have to pay attention to where the traps are because if you’ve never smelled a decomposing tiny mouse, you are lucky, my friend!  It is worse than skunks and once you smell a skunk, that stays with you for a lifetime.

Out on the farm, I was positive there was a dead something in the spare room. Even with the heat off and the windows open, I could smell a dead whiff of something.

It was a forgotten diaper that had slipped behind the wall and the bed. At least I didn’t have to finesse out an ooky body.


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