I saw Uncle Howie today!

We’re on a little road trip to Vegas-Utah-Tahoe to visit friends of mine who I haven’t seen in too long. First stop was Vegas to visit with Susie. We taught at the prison together, which is sort of like war. No one that isn’t us can understand the dark side of the job. It was mainly dark, dangerous and scary-crazy with just regular crazy mixed in at random times.

Then it was off to Cedar City to see Howard.

I can’t explain his part in my life enough. I had two parents who did their best but were the wrong people to parent me. For want of a better example, I was the kid in the classroom the teacher just did not like. That was who I was at home. I just wasn’t likable in that dynamic. They were very hard on me and said horrible things to me—things I wasn’t doing and things I had no plans of EVER doing. My Dad would get angry and call me terrible names. Names I barely even understood the meaning of. They wanted me to be someone else. IF I COULD HAVE I WOULD HAVE CHANGED.

I had an older sister who was killed. Like all first babies, she was perfect. They had me so she wouldn’t be spoiled. We were nothing alike and they liked her a lot. Me not so much. The things that made me an easy baby/child/adult were just crazy to them.

After Marnie was killed, they had my sister to both replace their dead child (doesn’t work) and so I wouldn’t be spoiled. Extra child was sickly and colicky and was homeschooled from first to fourth grade. My mother just preferred her.

I’ve had students I didn’t like the looks of and instead of torturing them, would trade them with another teacher. Too bad that doesn’t happen in real life.

So in my life, I had Uncle Howie. He thought I was okay.

Sometimes all you need is just one person.


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