Another day March 17 2014

Today  took my car in for new brakes. It’s only 5 years old and paid for and since I’m not doing crazy road trips the mileage is low so when I weigh new brakes against buying a new car? I’ll replace the brakes. That was the way  I thought at Christmas when I spent $5000 to get multiple leaks fixed. Tomorrow the DMV to get titles to match the registration papers I have and registration papers to match the titles I have.  Found almost all of them….but not quite. Also have a call into my lawyer for a list of all the cars and properties we own so  can give that to the CPA so he can further protect what monies we do have. Well, I  have since I’m not part of a we anymore.

Splurged a little—oh truthfully  splurged a LOT.  Bought a new bedspread. plus enough matching fabric to make drapes AND  bought a spare spread to use when this one falls apart. having a chair recovered and another chair repaired. Bought all new bedding for the front guest suite so when we have Lisi’s baby shower here she won’t be embarrassed with the rat hole I live in. (Her words, not mine.)

Yesterday  finally felt like me again so  opened up all the windows opened all the curtains and  cleaned.  Vacuumed.  Dusted.  Mopped.  Scrubbed the kitchen and both bathrooms. This is such a big house and has been neglected for almost an entre season since Mike was so ill, so all that barely made a dent…but I’ll have other days to devote to it.

The last four months have been so hard. An entire season that  will never be shared with Mike again. No one to wake up to saying “Fog. Again.” or “Suns’ out!” For now it’s just me and my dogs. Not that they aren’t great company…Tank loves to go for a walk 24/7 and the idea of gong in the car delights him all over himself.


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