World Ag Expo 2015, 2016,2017

Here am I, volunteering at the 200 some odd acres of the largest ag show in the world. Mainly, I’m just giving lost people directions. Tomorrow, I’m the tour guide for ag students. Here’s the kicker… in the 48 years of the farm show, I’ve never gone.


It wasn’t a field trip option for the grades I taught and it’s in the middle of the week, so I wasn’t burning a personal day to look at really expensive and BIG farm equipment.

Am I having fun? Absolutely.


I’m on the Media committee, taking care of the 350-some-odd journalists and reporters, tv, radio and print people who attend the world Ag Expo. I start at 0500 -1700, M-Th. I checked people in like a demented crazy person.


MOnday, Tuesday, Wednesday it’s a crazy busy madhouse. I don’t even have time for lunch, much less time to walk around the show. We get here around 0500 and leave at 1800 because of the traffic. The Farm Show pumps billions of dollars into the local economy. Hard to imagine unless you are stuck in traffic!

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