Hummer babies

There is an incredibly intricate and tiny hummingbird nest outside the bedroom window on the farm. Two different hummers have been sitting on it for about three weeks. Yesterday, I saw both adults feeding three tiny beaks but no sitting behavior. That’s because the wee babies are old enough to generate heat on their own. […]

Migraines and Valley Fever

Just a little whine. My head hurts. My doctor is out if town. My rescue meds have left me on Gilligan’s Island with no help in sight. My nose is running, my eyes are crying, it feels like someone socked me in the nose with a sledgehammer while driving a rusty railroad spike into my […]


Bad luck comes in threes. I just want to know WHERE I should start counting. I have a terrible tenant who has been consistently either late or simply doesn’t pay his rent. He always has excuses; Social Security sends his check to Kaweah Delta Hospital, which deducts his co-pay and then sends his decimated check […]

I am not a nice person

Obviously, I try. I’ve made arrangements to take care of my special needs adult son. I’ve made arrangements for my grandchildrens post high school education. My daughter… not at all. Whatever issues she has, she’ll have to work out herself. She’s lived here, rent free since November. During this time she had ordered me around, […]

Just a wee drop in

I’ve been MIA for pretty much the last year. Between managing Mike’s business and picking up the pieces of my life and writing a whole entire book about the process (The Year of Missing Michael), working and going to Mass every single day, I’ve been busy. I met a wonderful man on November 29 and […]

I have mourned long enough

I have been sad long enough to have conceived, delivered, named a baby¬† AND gone back to work. Mike was my forever person but I did not jump into that coffin with him. *I need to both rejoin and get on with it. Not that I’ve sat around in sshes, staring at a closed window—I’ve […]