I am not a nice person

Obviously, I try. I’ve made arrangements to take care of my special needs adult son. I’ve made arrangements for my grandchildrens post high school education. My daughter… not at all. Whatever issues she has, she’ll have to work out herself. She’s lived here, rent free since November. During this time she had ordered me around, […]

Just a wee drop in

I’ve been MIA for pretty much the last year. Between managing Mike’s business and picking up the pieces of my life and writing a whole entire book about the process (The Year of Missing Michael), working and going to Mass every single day, I’ve been busy. I met a wonderful man on November 29 and […]

I have mourned long enough

I have been sad long enough to have conceived, delivered, named a baby  AND gone back to work. Mike was my forever person but I did not jump into that coffin with him. *I need to both rejoin and get on with it. Not that I’ve sat around in sshes, staring at a closed window—I’ve […]

Two months

Mike has been dead for two months. We weathered both Thanksgiving and  Christmas without him. It is lonely beyond belief and yet, the day to day business of paying bills,registering cars, fixing leaks in roofs and toilets and making sure there is milk in the fridge goes on. I have dogs to walk and people […]


So I’ve taken everything I have on hand and I am crying over this one. Just sitting here crying away. So we are going to the next town over for my Sunday doctor. I went almost a week without a headache and like a food, just lazed around, enjoying myself.** **Note to self: Next time […]