Last things

The last thing  you worked on: My cross stitching. I’m doing four botanical flower works and will frame them alike and then hang them  in my corner of the sitting room.

First place you’ll go tomorrow: The post office for mailing boxes.

Current inspiration: Martha Stewart and her Christmas ideas. Some of them are just awful but some of them are exactly what I’m looking for. I have an entire list of projects for next year! Stockings, beaded icicles, crocheted snowflakes and about six other projects.

One thing people will be surprised about you: I collect vintage linens and laces, especially hand embroidered pillow cases. They make me feel special. It’s a dying art but one that just adds a little bit of love to such common household items.

Favorite new color: Pink in all of it’s forms….from blush to crime scene red. I have eight rooms in my house painted in different shades of pink. Just love the colors and how they change in the sunlight.

Your best trick when entertaining: Buffet. I have an island in the kitchen, if we’re eating inside and three antique stoves on the veranda.The result? Relaxed atmosphere and you get to spend more time visiting and less time fussing

Best place to unwind: We have a  liveaboard at the marina in Morro Bay. There is nothing so relaxing as sitting on the deck and knitting or cross stitching. The gentle lap of the waves, the rocking of the boat and the sounds of a hundred different birds (the marina is in the middle of a huge bird sanctuary).

Most valued possession: I have my babies hands cast in dental plaster. The mold was so detailed that you can see the little wrinkles on thier little fists.

Last thing you bought for the home: I took a lithograph in to be framed (it goes on one of the walls in the lobby) but it shouldn’t count because it’s not going to be ready for a while. So…pink towels for the master bath . I love fresh towels.

What’s left on your wish list?: Folding laundry and putting it away. If I do it on the bed, I can watch TV which makes the whole chore just fly by.

What are your answers?